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Being an Entrepreneur in Headhunting

To what extent is an entrepreneurial mindset important when building a successful career in headhunting?

Headhunting allows for a variety of professional approaches with entrepreneurialism being important, but not essential. At Odin Partners, the headhunters tend to be entrepreneurial because of the way we have structured the business. There is scope to establish, operate, and grow your own desk within the firm and this is well suited to individuals that enjoy autonomy. That said, not all headhunters have a start-up mindset and there is absolutely space for those that prefer an established structure to succeed.

For experienced consultants who are looking for a new challenge, what opportunities exist to navigate into a new environment? 

There is almost limitless scope to explore new challenges in headhunting including niche or new products. At Odin Partners, several senior consultants have opted to establish their own desk which includes an element of risk balanced with significant reward. We frequently see our consultants thrive in the context of building something new. Equally, not all entrepreneurial projects succeed, and we provide a structure that allows for autonomy while providing support to redirect as required.

For junior professionals that hope to have the opportunity to build new products, services, or desks, what is Odin Partners’ advice?

 Be exceptionally well researched. To build something new, you will need to be dedicated to understanding the data, being quick to act, and taking every opportunity that presents itself. Dive into the numbers, understand where money is being made, and where the related opportunities are.  Be bold and assertive to create momentum behind the project. Ask for guidance and support as needed, while taking a proactive, disciplined approach. Finally, whilst taking risks can be highly rewarding, we remind junior consultants to apply resilience and persevere in the early days of building a new desk; it can take time.

What scope is there in headhunting to explore global opportunities or get exposure to a variety of business areas?

Odin Partners is a global business with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. We understand that our consultants are looking to establish global relationships, exposure, and experience and we support a flexible approach. We encourage consultants to establish their relationships in relevant geographies and business areas to support career progression and wider business diversification.

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