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Celebrating International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Month, Odin Partners shares its views on gender and equality in the workplace.

Each year we see headway being made for women and diverse candidates, particularly in executive search and banking. Whilst there will always be more progress that can be made, there appears to be a greater understanding that each employee is an individual with their own specific needs. Increased awareness has led to the introduction of practices and policies that recognise workers’ needs may change and fluctuate over the course of their career.

At Odin Partners we have spoken to individuals who’s working arrangements might include all school holidays off, part-time, and job-share arrangements. It’s an interesting time for the firm to navigate positive change; supporting our clients with communicating and negotiating new policies to ensure they secure and retain talent.

However, most sectors can still achieve deeper and more successful impact with policies that support women in work. The emphasis needs to be on making work/life balance a possibility without having to compromise on achieving success, alongside a meritocratic structure. At Odin Partners, we are committed to ensuring that gender does not limit progression. Industry wide, there is still an element of conscious and unconscious bias affecting women at work, especially in businesses that don’t embed policies into their culture.

Government, schools, universities, private and non-profit businesses need to commit to this change in mindset and continue to drive it forward. By supporting all talent so that they can succeed in ways that truly work in the long-term, businesses will see improved results, higher retention rates and genuinely inclusive working environments.



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