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Diversity & Inclusion is the key to top perfomance

To celebrate Pride month, Odin Partners discusses the importance of diversity & inclusion in Banking.

How important has diversity and inclusion become in the financial sector?

Banks are proactively building diverse teams to enhance their talent pool, improve their results and become attractive employers to the best candidates. Diversity is key to reaching the top and staying there as it encourages different perspectives, a range of skills and a more dynamic workforce. It is also an ethical way to hire, which is fundamental to a motivated and engaged workforce.

How is progress being made to implement D&I best practice into financial institutions?

Hiring a diverse workforce isn’t enough on its own. Ensuring equal access to training and internal opportunities is key to a successful D&I programme. Increasingly, banks are developing D&I strategies that they believe are fundamental to their growth.

How does Odin Partners support its clients with applying D&I best practice through the recruitment process?

Odin Partners prides itself in being at the forefront of D&I in the industry. Through consultative conversations, real time data, and a unique perspective on the market we can help our clients ensure that they are hiring the best candidates not just to fulfil a quota but to achieve success in an inclusive, fair, and genuine way.

What resources are available to candidates that wish to better understand D&I during the application process?

Odin Partners will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and 100% certain of the D&I policies our clients have in place. Throughout the interview process we expect all our candidates to be treated the same and we will provide you with any resources that you think will help navigate this part of the process whether it’s reasonable adjustments to be able to attend interviews or personal support.

How does Odin Partners support candidates in relation to understanding and navigating D&I policies and best practices?

We will act as your representative so that if you have any questions or would like to better understand policies/best practice in the space, we will work with all parties involved to ensure this has been delivered.

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