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Interview with Angel Chui – Researcher, Commodities at Odin Partners EMEA

Find out more about career opportunities at Odin Partners with Angel Chui, who has experience working for us in both Hong Kong and London across different desks.

What is your background and what brought you to your current role at Odin Partners?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Operational Corporate Strategy and my master’s in Project Management in the US and worked there for a couple of years before relocating to Hong Kong. My first jobs were in management consulting, then as a recruiter setting up a technology desk. These early roles provided an opportunity to establish skills in analyzing data, building frameworks, and develop a consulting mindset. I then came to Odin Partners Hong Kong office with a specific focus and objective, which was to build new areas in FIC Sales and Macro Research and now the Commodities franchise in EMEA/US. In 2022, I wanted to relocate to London to gain global exposure and experience. Fortunately, Odin Partners has a flexible approach to where employees work within its global network, and I am now based in the London office.

What did your early years as a Researcher look like?

As expected, the first six months were hard, but rewarding. There was a process of understanding the firm’s standards and processes and that was a steep learning curve. I have very high standards for myself and although that time was challenging, I learned quickly and advanced.  The early days revolve around observation, research, and data analysis. From there, I focused on understanding how the market works and how the data provides access to insight and opportunity. Two years into my role, I have matured, cultivated resilience, and I know now how to pivot as needed.

What are some of the skills required for the role?

Not necessarily a skill, but the ability to be trusted and respected is vital. How you earn that trust and respect will stem from your reliability, integrity, and ability to add value. Be humble, ask questions when you’re not sure, and stay focused. This is a relationship-centric role with a heavy emphasis on data, analytics, and understanding the nuance of the market. So, attention to detail, listening skills, and a genuine interest in sector trends is vital.

Why did you choose to work at Odin Partners?

The firm has a strong reputation among the world’s leading investment banks and the opportunities at the firm are outstanding. There is also a high degree of autonomy and flexibility to work anywhere in the world where the firm operates, which is attractive. I was ready to build a new commodities desk and Odin Partners provides the framework in which I can do so. I am confident that I can progress and succeed here.

What advice would you give to those considering a role as in Executive Search?

Make the most of the tutelage available from your seniors, observe and get to know your stakeholders. A major element of the role is understanding and balancing the client and candidates’ needs so, have thoughtful conversations and actively listen. Be prepared for high-stakes conversations by learning to be concise, asking commercially oriented questions and being observant. Learn what’s making money and where the opportunities are in the market. When something stands out, ask why, interrogate, and scrutinise the data. Finally, consider the opportunity cost of time wasted and instead, invest that time on building your knowledge and reputation.

In a demanding role, how do you retain balance?

This is a high performance sector where people work hard and thrive off achievement. There’s lots of satisfaction that comes with that but personally, I also recommend that everyone has an outlet too, mine is dancing. Whatever gives you a break, running, cooking, dancing – do it.

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