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Interview with Lucy Grant – Operations Manager, Odin Europe

Lucy has been the Operations Manager for Odin Partners Europe since November 2020. Find out more about her role and working at Odin.

What’s your educational and professional background

I studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. My strategy was to have a strong degree with transferable skills from an internationally recognized university. After graduating I got an admin role at a recruitment company with the sole aim of developing my professional skillset.

I worked in both the private and public sector before joining another recruitment firm in a 180 role as a Candidate Manager. The role had an element of sales without the pressures of business development, and I had an opportunity to manage a team and define processes.

Could you give some more insight into your role as operations manager at Odin Partners?

It’s varied and includes elements of strategy, human resources, contract negotiation, marketing, and finance. I support talent to ensure the team have what they need to do their jobs and am actively involved in internal recruitment. Because Odin Partners is growing and expanding, I have also been involved in setting up new entities for our global offices.

What are some challenges of the role?

Before joining Odin Partners, I had preconceived ideas that I wanted to run with. The reality is that all businesses are, of course, very different and priorities had to be defined in real time. This is a more reactive way of working and I have worked on developing the patience required to understand the needs of the business before trying to action change.

What are some of the essential skills required for your role?

Time management, attention to detail, ability to be calm, and a sense of humour.

What do you like most about your job?

Seeing tangible results and the impact of my role. The satisfaction of navigating challenging situations with the confidence that it’ll work out eventually. Working with the team – it may be an obvious answer but if you don’t get along with your colleagues, that’s a major issue.

What are your future career plans?

 I am confident there are lots of opportunities at the firm. I am still learning, and I want to stay open to evolving professionally in parallel with the growth of the business. Hopefully this will include a growing operations team with opportunities to manage people.

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